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Summaries of Medical Thrillers
and Other Titles from Angus Publishing


Life in The Deadly World of Medicine

The cover of The Deadly World of Medicine

Most people reacted with astonishment and doubt when the numbers were first made public more then five years ago. The reports claimed 100,000 to 300,000 preventable deaths every year in the medical system of the United States. As would be expected, the same reaction came from the public at large and from patients and doctors alike to this startling news. Look to see who's talking and find the facts even more sobering in "The Deadly World of Medicine."


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The cover of the murder thriller: Hermes' Viper

Hermes' Viper

Hermes' Viper is set in a huge 3,000-bed charity hospital. Idealistic Dr. Stuart Holton is a neurosurgeon in a hospital on Chicago's South Side. He chose that exceedingly active practice out of love of humanity and a drive to save lives. In the reaches of the large hospital wards, terminal patients beyond treatment are routinely found dead, but the dedicated Dr. Holton realizes that the mortality rate among his patients is becoming abnormally high.

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The cover of the murder thriller: The Wafer

The Wafer

Untold numbers of doomed patients await the donation of a beating heart in The Wafer. When black-market organs enter the equation, things can turn ugly. In ancient cultures, priests presented the still-living heart at a ceremony to appease the Gods.

In modern society, the church symbolically presents the wafer and wine. In "The Wafer," surgeons, the priests of medicine, acquire donor organs to extend another life, but playing God can have its penalties.

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