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Fulton's Monkey
and other Short Stories

by Joseph T. McFadden

cover of Fulton's Monkey

"Short stories direct from your mother's knee,
Fulton's Monkey will make you laugh and cry."

-- Sandy Whelchel, Authorship Magazine, Spring 2002

Gossip, whether the dominating or an insidious force, is the underlying catalyst for each of the stories in "Fulton's Monkey." The stories in this collection depict manifestations of human frailty: pride, poverty, avarice, penury, envy, love, lust, racial strife or organized religion set against the backdrop of gossip.

Paperback: 205 pages ; Published April 1, 2002
ISBN: 0881001252
Softcover $16.95

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In the short story, Power, Willard Mills is a man with a purpose, possessing a ceaseless appetite for work and no fears. Then one day, he returns to the farm with a new plan. He's discovered dynamite. Saw it in a newsreel at the movies. With the possibilities of dynamite; he had the answer; this was the power he needed.

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