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A new non-fiction work from Joseph T. McFadden:

Life in The Deadly
World of Medicine

by Joseph T. McFadden

Life in the Deadly World of Medicine



Chapter One: Medical Mishaps [read an excerpt]

Chapter Two: The Doctor and the Scientist

Chapter Three: How Well Do You Know Your Body?

Chapter Four: Alternative Medicine

Chapter Five: Identity and Children

Chapter Six: Vigilance, Double-Checking Reports and Charts

Chapter Seven: Drugs, Anesthesia, and Gases

Chapter Eight: Blood Transfusions

Chapter Nine: Infections

Chapter Ten: X-Ray

Chapter Eleven: Plastic Surgery

Chapter Twelve: A View from the Inside

Chapter Thirteen: Errors, Accidents, and Traps

Chapter Fourteen: Emergency Room

Chapter Fifteen: The Brain Dead and Euthanasia, No Code, Living Will

Chapter Sixteen: The Situation Today

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