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A new Joseph T. McFadden novel:

Burnt Offering

by Joseph T. McFadden

In dream fragments and lingering memories she returns with the flame of love in blazing and stolen moments to play the empty game of King, Queen, Knave, the Knave still trying to grasp the elusive past while old tales retell themselves, but never the same way twice, the Queen now gone, the grieving King already with another woman...

Burnt Offering cover

from the Back cover:

Each morning now he, John Powers, comes fully awake out of nocturnal struggles with an old grief, to find a widow in his bed beside him sleeping peacefully as the morning light begins to lift, she of a pearly white glowing, his condolence, a gift delivered to his side by ironies from hell, through long suffering and anguish. Two murderers on the mountain, here in ski country, plotting to murder each other have wrecked other lives, delivering her, elegant little Millie, from the clutches of an abusive husband on his 100th conquest and she finally has her revenge. John Powers, world famous author, busy at the resort writing a history of lovers and a history of murder, meets and falls in love with a queenly lady, but loses her to illness and to the plotting and deceptions of the two murderers, one of whom kills out of greed and the other uses a very skilled organization adept at concealing murder as a natural occurrence.

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