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The Author of Medical Thrillers

Joseph T. McFadden

Joseph T. McFadden

Joseph T. McFadden writes from his forty-three-year experience as a neurosurgeon, most of his time in a large municipal hospital of a melting pot American city. The advent of his first novel, Hermes' Viper, coincides remarkably with recent media reports of harm done to patients by the modern medical system, and offers an inside view of vital interest to every person who would trust a family member to a hospital.

His second novel, The Wafer, addresses the organ donor dilemma. He currently is finishing the third, A Hooker In The Choir, set in the nursing home scene of the American landscape; it also deals with HMO problems.

He is a native of Oxford, Mississippi, a graduate of Ole Miss and the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He was the founder and first chairman of the committee representing neurosurgery at the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to write consensus standards for nervous system implants.

Dr. McFadden is also designer and inventor of McFadden Aneurysm Clip, the three dimensional analog headrest for neurosurgery, and the analog head clamp for neurosurgery. He is emeritus chairman and professor of Neurosurgery, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and a former member of the advisory panel on neurology and neurosurgery devices and drugs to the FDA.

Read more about Joseph T. McFadden at The Society of Neurological Surgeons

He is listed in Who's Who, and makes his home in Oxford, Mississippi and Norfolk, Virginia.

More on the Novels of Joseph T. McFadden

  In "Hermes' Viper", a Chicago neurosurgeon is stalked by the "viper" a twisted nurse who performs mercy killings on patients of winning the love of Dr. Holton, the object of her erotomania for sixteen long years..

  In "The Wafer", surgeons, the priests of medicine, acquire donor organs to extend another life, but playing God can have its penalties.

  In "Fulton's Monkey and other Short Stories", the backdrop is gossip. The stories in this collection depict manifestations of human frailty: pride, poverty, avarice, penury, envy, love, lust, racial strife or organized religion.

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